GOT7 Fan Under Fire at the Miami Show of the Flight Log Turbulence: USA 2017 Tour

On 21st January, GOT7 embarked on the first leg of their Flight Log Turbulence 2017, USA tour.

All seemed well until things took an unpleasant turn via Twitter and Instagram.

As the show moved onto the fan interaction segment, it became apparent that a girl chosen by JB was unhappy with the member she received!

In the fan cam below, we can see that JB was friendly, and attempted to interact with this fan, to give her the full experience. The fan’s reaction?

Well take a look for yourself:





As fans continued to live tweet and voice their concerns via Instagram, it started to get heavy!



I’ve seen other fan accounts on Twitter and Instagram, and apparently, the fan tapped Jackson for his attention and said she wanted him instead. Jinyoung then asked her if she “wanted to go back to her seat.”

Jinyoung is a straight savage!


After the fan dismissed JB, then she started to Snapchat herself… also including JB in the video!



JB’s face said it all.




I wonder what GOT7 thinks about this?

Kpopbox have reached out to the fan for further comments.

An update will be granted if and when a response is received.

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