GOT7: “Never Ever” Music Video and Song Review

I’ve been waiting so long for this! All up in my feels, and all that stuff! GOT7 갓세븐 did the damn thaaaaang!

Before we begin, I’d just like to say:

Jackson 잭슨, you’ll be okay boo! Just rest up! And eat! I gat you okay?! Don’t ever scare me like that again!


See… he knows. 🙂


I’m still trying to piece the story together, after finally understanding the connection that “Fly” and “HardCarry 하드캐리” have. I may have to watch it a few more times- or just read fan theories.

All of GOT7 were looking good, the cinematography, set, wardrobe and choreography were all on point! BamBam 뱀뱀 blowing smoke from that gas mask, I don’t get it yet, but I’m sure I will!

Objects From the HardCarry 하드캐리 and Fly Videos

  • The Bird (JB in the cage – HardCarry 하드캐리)
  • Water (HardCarry) Mark 마크 saves Jinyoung 진영
    this time, by himself.
  • The mallet and the glass box – Again, we have YoungJae 영재
    with the mallet, and this time he successfully smashes the glass.
  • The car that was in the accident/crash.

My Theory/Observation

Plants in the Car and the Glass Box – I feel like JB 제이비 represents the bird again, and is actually in the car on the way to his own funeral. YoungJae 영재 is again looking at the bird inside of a cage, just like in the last video. The plants and flowers represent funeral wreaths, and this is why as the glass box begins to fill up with water, we can see identical plants and flowers inside! Youngjae smashes the glass and Mark 마크 rescues Jinyoung 진영.

Yugyeom 유겸 is in the “Emergency room” looking at Jinyoung 진영, almost like a guardian angel, maybe?

As soon as BamBam 뱀뱀 puts the mask on and breathes out gas, Jinyoung 진영wakes up.

I’m not sure why Jackson 잭슨 smashed into the wall, but the car mirrored his actions.

There were so many metaphorical images, and I absolutely love it! Metaphorical imagery is my thing- it crosses over into poetry, which is something I also love!

In general, everyone has glowed up some more!

Mark 마크 is on the protein, and hitting the gym!  And yes it’s doing you good! So, so good!

Yugyeom 유겸 and Bam Bam 뱀뱀… you guys are young… Can you stop…

I love the beat! It has a slight “island-feel”; this is becoming quite popular within K-Pop. And the way the beat drops into the chorus, with the “BLLLLLL-AAAAA!” Love iiiiit!

It’s a completely different style compared to “HardCarry 하드캐리”, and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting it! The vocal talent and range are on-point, and I really feel that Yugyeom is improving!

This part of the dance break- sick!

Bam Bam 뱀뱀 is also improving more, dance-wise!

What do you think of everything as a whole?

Have you heard the album yet?

As always, feel free to leave a comment!

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