“He Saved My Life” – Meet Erin And Her BTS Suga Tattoo

Fans would agree that music holds a special place in their heart, whether that is the nostalgia of a certain time or it got them through a rough and personal time. Music transcends language it either evokes a feeling or a connection, which is the same for tattoos. I had the pleasure of talking to 24-year-old Erin and why she got an amazing original tattoo of BTS’ Suga.

(The beginning process – Miss Tiny D of Doc Black Ink)

Erin told me about her thought process and why she got it done:

“Min Yoongi (Suga) is my hero I found his music when I was going though a bad spell in my life and relate a lot to his story his mix tape saved me…”

She continued saying that the track The Last And So Far Away was a standout track for her as she suffered from depression after her best friend past away whilst she was in school.

 “I think he’s  (Suga) beautiful even if he wasn’t famous just some guy online I’d think he was beautiful he saved my life and I am in debt to him he’s a hero to me

Erin loves cats and as she previously had a cheetah print tattoo and Hello Kitty tattoo, the tattoo artist came up with the “cat boy” concept but we all know that Suga loves rocking some cat ears from time to time.



“I’m a burlesque dancer and all the girls have tattoos so I started getting inked about three months ago…I like cats and why not get a BTS  tattoo of your hero”

Erin plans to release a video on her YouTube channel talking about her tattoo so why not subscribe and follow her on IG: StrawberriChan.

YouTube: StrawberriChan


Well I think it looks “Dope”

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