Here’s How Koreans Celebrate Valentine’s Day

It involves chocolate. A lot of it.

The 14th of February is globally seen as the day of romance. In South Korea, it’s the same. Except there’s a bit of a twist.

Except there’s a bit of a twist. Girls will make or buy chocolate for their crush or boyfriend.

You might have seen it in some of your favourite dramas.

Like when Geum Jan Di hand makes chocolates for Goo Jun Pyo in ‘Boys Over Flowers’.

via Giphy

Which looked a lot like him.

via Giphy

In the run-up to Valentines, popular chains will have offers and special events for couples.

One month later it is ‘White Day’, the men who received chocolate have to return the favour with non-chocolate gifts. Both Valentines and ‘White Day’ are days of love and very heavily focused on couples.

But anyone who doesn’t receive a gift will celebrate ‘Black Day’ the month after. ‘Black Day’ is a day for the single people to get together and eat Jajangmyeon.

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