South Club were completely at home on the London stage and swept fans off their feet. Constantly saying that London was their dream show, love was definitely present throughout the night.


The band’s performance was amazing, performing fan favourites ‘Hug Me’ and ‘No.’ Taehyun’s signature sultry vocals captured everyone’s hearts and he completely owned the stage and showed how much of an expert performer he is, plus he looked soooo good. One thing we always knew but still had us shook, was how talented the other 3 members were. Wonyoung’s drum solo blew our minds! Ku’s guitar solo was sexy and smooth and showcased his technical talent with the guitar. ‘Little Nam Jr,’ Donghyun, treated fans to a listen to his new unreleased song and it was truly beautiful, we need to hear more of his vocals in the future. The interactions South Club had with the audience added to how special the show was. The smaller venue made the show more intimate and allowed more interactions to take place. Notably, fans were begging for Taehyun’s sweaty towel which he found both hilarious and confusing. It’s official, they now think we are all legendary nut cases, but they love us anyway so it’s ok.
Finishing with a cover of ‘Champagne Supernova’ by the legendary British band, Oasis, everyone was smiling and screaming the lyrics it was electric.

For their first show in London, it couldn’t have gone any better. London hopes that South Club will return to the city soon and we have a feeling they won’t be away for long.

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