‘I wish our privacy could be respected.”- GOT7’s Mark Ask Sasaengs To Stop Following Them

GOT7’s Mark posted on Instagram on 3rd July asking sasaengs to respect the group and to give them privacy, as some followed the group back to their dorms.

안녕하세요 마크에요! 팬미팅 갔다가 한국에 왔는데 어제 오늘 비가 많이 오네요.. 사실 어제 공항 도착해서 숙소로 이동하는데 마음이 조금 좋지 않았어요.. 어제 비가 와서 어둡고 길이 미끄러웠는데 급하게 차로 따라오시는 분들을도 있었는데 혹시나 위험한 상황이 생기지 않을까 생각이 했어요. 그 차들이 숙소 앞까지 따라오는 걸 보고 마음이 좀 더 그랬어요… 사실 숙소는 개인적인 공간으로 사생활이 지켜지면 좋겠습니다.. 언제나 GOT7을 응원해주는 아가새들을 보면 힘이 나고 기분이 좋아지지만 숙소처럼 사적인 공간에서 마주치는건 조금 당황스럽고 반가운 마음으로 인사해드리기가 어려울 것 같아요… 우리 다 좋은 곳에서 더 멋진 모습으로 만났으면 좋겠어요. 이해해줬으면 좋겠어요. 고마워요.

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“Hello, this is Mark! We returned to Korea after a fan meeting, and it has been raining a lot yesterday and today. To be honest, it didn’t feel great when we were going back to our dorm after arriving at the airport. 

It rained yesterday so it was dark and the roads were slippery, but there were people rushing to follow us in cars, so I thought a dangerous situation might occur. I felt even less comfortable as I saw those cars follow us to our dorm.

As the dorm is our personal space, I wish our privacy could be respected. It gives us strength and happiness to see our Ahgases that always support us, but it makes us uncomfortable if we meet at a private space like our dorm, and it will be difficult for us to greet you joyfully.

We ask for your understanding. Thank you.”

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