ICYMI: 5 year group “NU’EST” to be in Produce 101!

NU’EST, a group that has been in the business for nearly 5 years, have recently been confirmed to be contestants in the show Produce 101!

Produce 101 is a show to showcase trainees from different companies and since NU’EST have had some experience, netizens have been having mixed opinions.


Some are angry for the trainees..

“[+416, -14] Isn’t the show for trainees?? They’re using it to promote themselves”

“[+254, -5] They debuted in 2012, they’re 5 years into debut… why let a debuted group in by taking away opportunities from real trainees??”

But some feel sorry for NU’EST..

“[+590, -7] This is actually too mean of Pledis. They’ve been working NU’EST like dogs in Japan and giving them the backburner treatment and now they want them on ‘Produce 101’? They debuted in 2012, talk about hurting their pride ㅜㅜ”

“[+47, -1] They’re not even a rookie group, they’re the older brother group to Seventeen… and they’re going to be on ‘Produce 101’? Pledis had too much fun last season, now they’re just going overboard~”

I personally think NU’EST should promote as they had a few hits, including Face and Action, but Pledis seem to be focusing on Seventeen (who are super popular right now!). It might hurt their pride having to be trainees all over again but the question is, will NU’EST do well on the show or continue receiving criticism?

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