ICYMI: BIGBANG’s T.O.P Unfit To Serve And Is Dismissed

The Seoul Metropolitan Police have stated that BIGBANG member T.O.P is unfit for duty at his current position due to his marijuana charges.

T.O.P has admitted to smoking marijuana twice during questioning with the police yet he denies two other instances of smoking liquid marijuana, which will be addressed and determined in the trial. As the rapper was deemed unfit for his duty, he will be transferred to a different police unit but it hasn’t been made aware where. Sources speculate that he will head to a department in Yangcheon District.


(T.O.P leaving his current duty)

Once the transfer is complete, he will be removed from his new station and sent home. As he is an officer under investigation and this is the procedure. Once he is at home on standby the time will not count towards his mandatory service even though T.O.P will be still considered a conscripted policeman.

T.O.P will be forced to discharge from the military if he receives time over 18 months however if his sentence is shorter or is found not guilty, he will be able to finish the rest of his service upon his release.

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