ICYMI: INFINITE’s Sunggyu Injury Will Affect INFINITE’s Comeback

Infinite’s Sunggyu injured a rib whilst playing a game during the filming of “Singderella” (Channel A).

His rib injury has seemed to put a halt on INFINITE’s comeback, which was originally scheduled for May. The filming of the group music video for their new track was meant to take make place 30th March but a source stated:

“Due to his rib injury, we believe it will be difficult for Sunggyu to carry out the choreography for the MV with the rest of his members on that day. Therefore, we may have to change the shoot schedule in order to accommodate the change in circumstance.”

Woolim Entertainment, INFINITE’s agency also released a statement:

 “Sunggyu was injured recently on set and sustained a fracture to his ribs. Although it’s not a minor injury, Sunggyu has been resting and has told us that he feels alright. We have halted activities for Sunggyu so that he can get all the rest he needs.”

 “We don’t see [Sunggyu’s injury] as a huge obstacle as of yet; however, we realise we will need to be flexible. We are carefully discussing the matter and so the group’s official comeback is pending at this point.”

It seems like Woolim really want Sunggyu to rest up and hopefully, when INFINITE come back they can as a complete unit.

Rest up Sunggyu.

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