ICYMI: “It’s Lit” – Kidoh Teases a EP Album on Twitter

Rapper and member of the Rock Bottom crew Kidoh announced to fans on Twitter that he’ll be releasing a new EP album!

He did a small Q&A with fans on twitter, providing some key information about the EP.

Although an exact date will not yet be announced soon, Kidoh revealed to fans that the title track would be in English and there will be two music videos. He also revealed that the EP will include some collaboration tracks but the majority will be solo tracks and that he plans do some shows around the world. Some have already been planned! Hopefully, he returns to London for another show with Rock Bottom.

Upon hearing this news, many fans are now eagerly awaiting the release of this EP and interested to find out what it will be titled, what it will sound like and what the music videos will be like. But what we do know is that it’ll surely be absolute fire!


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