ICYMI: Kylie Jenner Post Makeup Tutorials Using Korean Music?

A lot of K-pop fans were a bit shookth when they came across some of Kylie Jenner’s makeup line Kylie cosmetics using Korean music. 

First one on Kylie’s list was EXO – Lotto, on 20th February but this wasn’t a one-off.

Following that, on 4th March a post was made using NCT U’s song Boss and then yesterday was DEAN’s Bonnie and Clyde.



These post obviously got attention from the K-pop community but people are in two minds about it. Some fans see this as exposure for K-pop music and were pleasantly surprised to find the music used as background music whereas others see it as Kylie trying to gain”clout” using Kpop.

Others have also pointed out that it is the influencer that is featured in the video chose the music.

What do you think? Do you even care?



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