Interview With Samuel Seo

I had the chance to catch up with singer, rapper and composer Samuel Seo whilst he was in London. I got to find out what he is up to, what was his influences for his latest album “UNITY”. 

Samuel Seo debuted in October 2015 with his album “Frameworks” which lead him to win the best Korean R&B album at the Korean Music Awards. With such a strong start he has been blessing our ears with songs such as “Window” and has collaborated with artists verbal Jint and Jenyer (4Minute Jiyoon). Many have become familiar with Seo music when he appeared on the TV Breakers.

Welcome to London, how are you enjoying the city? What have you been up to or looking forward to doing?

I’m so looking forward to hitting the fish and chips place I visited last time.

You spent your youth living in various countries which include Japan, America and Canada has that influenced your style or your sound of music

Obviously. But not on the sound side of influence but more of lifestyle way. as a child I got to move around a lot, learning different cultures and how they live, those things I’d seen influenced a lot and let me know that the world is a big place.

Your album unity has a lot of jazz and swing elements, what were your influences?

It’s not like “I’m going to turn myself into a jazz musician”. While I was working on that specific album I was madly into jazz music like crazy. Everywhere I drove, walked, stood, I had jazz popping out of my air pod the whole time. So it’s kind of natural what you listen to at the exact moment melts down on the process of making music. Just happened.

In your track unity, you use some dub elements which is completely different from the rest of your album, was that a conscious decision and how did that track come about?

In my label, ‘Craft and Jun’ we had this mad crazy Korean Reggae band called ‘Kim Ban Jang and the Windy City’til last year. Because they were so into the reggae and the dub scene I was naturally influenced by them and always wanted to try out new sounds combining the elements of those genres for a pretty long time. I just thought this album might be a good chance for me to let my desire come out.

 In your latest MV Happy avocado, you’re cooking up a storm. Do you enjoy to cook and what is your favourite dish to make?

Everything including avocados is my favourite I just can’t get over avocados for some reason.

 What can fans in the UK look out for in the future?

I’m working really hard on my third full-length album at this moment. Planning to drop it next year, hoping for the best. Wait for it, you won’t be disappointed.

Planning possible tour schedule out of Korea. I’m not sure when or where but I’ll let you know when things are set.

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