iSpy “plagiarism”? – Netizens Claim G-Dragon’s “Intro” Sounds Like Kyle’s iSpy

Big Bang’s G-Dragon has come under fire as many netizens claim that his song Intro (Middle fingers up) sounds iSpy by American rapper Kyle.

The piano loops of each song sound similar and the flow of certain parts of the rap. G-Dragon’s song Intro is from his album Untitled which came out early this month. The song was composed by Kush and G-Dragon whereas ISpy was released in December last year.

Have a listen to both and see what you think.



However, could this be called plagiarism? The songs do sound similar but it seems modified to the point where it may not be classified as plagiarism.  A lot of K-netizens shared their thoughts on the issue.

“I listened to both and the piano melodies sound the same”

“How many plagiarism controversies has he had already, f*ck”They

“They plagiarised ‘This Love’ too and tried to pass it off as sampling, tsk tsk”

“He only plagiarises just enough that it can’t outright be called plagiarism ㅋㅋ”Be honest, they sound similar;

“Be honest, they sound similar;”

“Not a quiet day for YG”

“What is going on with Big Bang lately? At least the leader needs to do his job..”You have to listen to it and find the answer for yourself: This is iSpy, this is Intro. Fans are shielding this saying it’s probably sampling but nowhere on his album does it say it was sampled. I’m sure they’ll come out later claiming it was sampled.”


What do you guys think?


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