Jackson Wang Hospitalised! Vomits and Passes Out at Japanese Fan Meet!

Jackson 잭슨 is constantly reminding fans to take care of themselves! And always reminds us that health is the most important thing!

Today, it has been reported by fans, that Jackson vomited and passed out during their Japanese fan meet.

He has now been hospitalised.

Fans who attended, have reported the following information:


Jackson잭슨 is always flying here, there and everywhere! His schedule always seems so packed, and I wonder when he has the time to rest and eat well?

With 2 days until GOT7’s comeback, it doesn’t seem wise or sensible that Jackson잭슨 participates!

Knowing Jackson 잭슨, he’ll bounce back in time, but I think he should really concentrate on his health first!

I feel that he’s been unwell for a long time; you can see it in his face and physical appearance.

The fact that he’s been taken to the hospital shows that this is no joke!

I GOT7’s are hashtagging #GetWellSoonJackson on Twitter.

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