Jessi Shows London She Is “The Baddest Señorita”

Jessi rocked the stage on 16th November in London for the very first time. The queen proved why she is such a star, holding down her own and saying it was amazing is an understatement. From her cheeky smile to the positive vibes she was PREACHING at her show, the whole theme was love. Love from the fans and Love from her just radiated.

Before the show even started she had a chance to meet and chat with her fans, you can tell that every single fan felt her warmth and love. She loved giving love back to her fans and you can tell it came from a genuine place. 

When it was show time, Jessi outfit was ON POINT!  Rocking an H&M X Moschino fit looking like a whole snack and half.  Jessi expressed how happy she is to express herself outside of Korea but also slowly help the culture to be open-minded. 

The whole show embodied Jessi owning her moment. She sung her heart and soul out and even gave us all a bit of Jessi history lesson. She blessed us with tracks such as “boing”, “Don’t make me cry” and one of the favs “Unpretty Dream” 

Jessi shared how she had to hustle for this moment and her love for music, not just through her performances but through having a little chit-chat with the audience. She really interacted with the crowd, this woman needs her own talk/reality show she is SO entertaining, how can anyone not love her.   

A highlight of the night is when she invited some fans to come on stage to dance with her, I have never seen her so happy, she was in her element. In addition Raffy….2 words YAS BISH! This guy was doing down choreography like no tomorrow. Jessi invited super fan Raffy to dance and boy did he WERK IT!

Jebbies are so amazing this one of the first shows where I experienced the crowd not pushing and respecting each others space. 

Overall the show was amazing and all-around positive vibes…JESSI PLEASE COME BACK AGAIN. 

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