K-Drama Spotlight: Hwarang

I am absolutely hooked and addicted to this drama!

Hwarang 화랑 contains an idol cast and is proving to be very popular internationally! The aesthetics are on point, cast wise and set wise.

What I look for in a drama is a good main storyline; including small ones that don’t confuse or distract you from the main one.

I have to say that this is the first historical drama I have watched, and the cinematography and soundtrack are beautiful! The costumes, location, and the camera techniques really coincide well with the pace of the story.

As I don’t know much about the history of Korea, I found that not only is a story told, but a deeper insight of the past times is given. I’ve acquired small pieces of historical information from every episode, and it’s very intriguing!

This drama, of course, has the classic “love triangle” aspect, along with tragedy, action and just the right amount of comedy included.

So far, I’d have to say that my favourite characters are the Queen Dowager (played by Kim Ji Soo 김지수), King Sam Maek-Jong (Park Hyung Sik 박형식 of ZE:A 제국의 아이들); and Soo Ho 수호 (Choi MinHo 최민호 of SHINee 샤이니).

 “The Queen Dowager”

Is feisty, bitter and absolutely ruthless. She is power-mad and has a chip on her shoulder; as she didn’t get her own way in the past. Her grudges cause her to act aggressively, and inhumanely. She needs to be careful of this, as her royal subjects have taken a disliking to her.


“King Sam Maek Jong

He is humble and dislikes the way that his mother is currently running the kingdom of Silla, and feels that everyone should live as equals. He disagrees with the harsh rulings, punishments and regulations. He is the main heart-throb! Strong and fearless!

“Soo Ho”

Has grown up with a silver spoon in his mouth, and is known to all of the women in Silla. Although his flirting can often get him into trouble, he’s funny and extremely competitive. Just like Minho, he is athletic, sporty and always enthusiastic. Soo Ho is hot headed and goes from 0-100 in around 5 seconds.

I didn’t want to give ANY spoilers away at all! But I hope my insight encourages you to watch!



You get to see this body, in a shower scene!





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