Kim Heechul Involved In Minor Car Accident

It has been reported that Super Junior’s Kim Heechul has been involved in a minor car accident whilst making his way tO a JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything Shoot” on 27th April. 

A Source confirmed Heechul fine”

 “It was a minor accident and so Kim Heechul’s manager remained on site to straighten out the situation while Kim Heechul left with his stylist as to not be late to the shoot. As it was a small accident, [Kim Heechul] is currently filming as he usually does,” 

SM Entertainment released an official statement.

 “As the accident was minor, Kim Heechul insisted that he was fine and that he would participate in the filming as scheduled, which is why he left early to make his way to set. Since there could possibly be side effects from the accident, he will be visiting the hospital after completing filming.”


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