Kitti B Isn’t Playing: Rapper Black Nut Is Formally Indicted For Defamation

It has been reported that rapper Black Nut has been formally indicted for defamation against female rapper Kitti B.

Last April Black Nut released the song “Too Real” that had lyrics that were sexually explicit and inappropriate towards Kitti B.  This wasn’t the first time but was the final straw for the female rapper which led her to sue for defamation back in June 2017.

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“I feel hurt, stressed, and traumatized, yet people have been mocking me and spreading rumors. I will no longer put up with this.” – Kitti B (click here to read more)

On 14th December 2017, The Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office investigated the case following the accusations. Seoul Bangbae Police Depart

Seoul Bangbae Police Department, who was in charge of the case, forwarded it to the prosecution in September

Brand New Music released an official statement on 4th September

 “Seoul Bangbae Police Department who is in charge of the case sent it to prosecution last week.”

Black Nut’s lyrics were a violation of the Act on Special Cases concerning Sexual Violence (lewd use of communication media) and contempt, and the prosecutor’s office ordered police to investigate as Kitti B filed a complaint.

2 months later, the case was sent to trial.


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