Kitti B Plans To Sue Black Nut For Sexually Inappropriate Lyrics [Including all Instagram Posts]

Kitti B revealed on her Instagram that she is planning to take legal action against Black Nut over some sexually inappropriate lyrics used in recent releases. 

Rapper Black Nut released a new single titled “Too Real” and once again it has been gaining attention for its sexual references of Kitti B.

“I’m lying down 2017, ready to f*** a girl worth masturbating to, but this time it isn’t KittiB…” – Too Real BlackNut

This was the last straw for KittiB, as she shared last year on internet show Rapper Car during her interview the host of the show asked why her name was related to Black Nut if searched online. She explained that Black Nut mentioned her in his song “Indigo Child”

“I’ve risen like KittiB’s breasts, you can tell if they’re real or fake by laying her down.”

“Honestly I’ve masturbated to KittiB’s photos, but of course, that was before I saw her in real life.” – Indigo Child BlackNut

Kitti B explained that she dismissed the lyrics by stating she understands men have ‘animal desires’. Her fans were upset about the lyrics and even advised her to sue but she decided not to as long as Black Nut didn’t write about her again.

[Watch Kitti B Rapper Car episode here]

However, Black Nut didn’t take her warning seriously and then he released single Too Real. In response to this Kitti B took to Instagram

With a screenshot of Black Nut’s Lyric Kitti B says:

“I’ve been told I shouldn’t give any attention to attention whores, misogynists, and keyboard bugs, but I feel like now’s the time to stand up for my family and fans who are suffering because of this idiot. I’ll see you in court^^ #BlackNut #debugging”

She posts another post explaining her legal action and the whole situation.

이번 곡의 가사가 애매한데 쟤 왜 난리냐는 분들, 키디비 넌 외힙 영향 받았다면서 왜 쿨한 척 못 넘기냐, 래퍼카에서는 쿨한 척 다 해놓고 이제와서 언행불일치 하냐 등등.. 긴 글이지만 읽어보고 지껄여주세요. 일단 래퍼카에서는 제 캐릭터답게 넉살 좋게 쿨하게 웃으면서 넘기려했어요 인디고 차일드 가사 처음 봤을 때? 저도 여잔데 상처 받았죠 하지만 제가 카메라 앞에서 시무룩하고 속상해하면 하나 하나 다 찾아보는 제 가족들 마음은? 팬들 마음은? 때론 억지로라도 씩씩해져야할 상황이 오는 거고 저는 이런 상황에서 더 강해져야만 하죠. 언프리티에서도 약해빠져가지고 쳐울어대서 엄마 눈물을 얼마나 뺐는데.. 그리고 제가 언제 ‘다시는’ 고소 안한다고 했죠? 오히려 블랙넛한테 ‘다시는’ 저런 식으로 언급하지 말아달라고 나름의 협박(?), 호소를 했을텐데요. 그런데 그 뒤에도 (전 원래 블랙넛 음악 미간 찌푸려져서 안 듣는데) 팬들 제보로 미공개곡에 또 제가 나왔다고 하더군요. 심호흡하고 봤는데 진짜 너무해도 너무하더군요. 주변에는 쿨한 척 넘겼지만 화가 너무났고 수치심 때문에 며칠은 제정신이 아니었네요. 그 때 제가 ‘한 번만 더 참자..’한 게 잘못이었단 걸 최근에서야 깨달았고요. 그런데 그 블랙넛이란 새끼는 적당히란 걸 모르고 이번 too real에서 또 언급했죠. 맞아요 전 곡들에 비하면 약한 가사죠. 문맥이 어떻고 성희롱이고 아니고를 넘어서 이제 저와 제 가족, 그리고 몇 없지만 저를 아껴주는 팬들에게 블랙넛은 금지어처럼 여겨지는 존재에요. 그만큼 스트레스와 상처를 떠올리는, 트라우마 같은 존재라고요. 이런데도 님들은 이 일을 그저 가벼운 웃음 거리로, 쟤 왜 저뤱? 하며, 또 거기다가 제가 메갈이라는 둥 말도 안되는 유언비어를 퍼트리며 조롱하죠. 이제는 물러서지 않고 강경대응 하겠습니다. 생각하고 지껄이시길 바랍니다. 아 참고로 가사에 이름쓰기도 더러운데 뭔 맞디스입니까 님들 눈엔 저게 리얼 힙합? 리얼 힙합 다 죽었네요 ㅋㅋㅋ

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she says:

“To everyone saying ‘Why is she overreacting, the lyrics in this song are vague’, or ‘KittiB, I thought you said you were influenced by American hip-hop, why can’t you just be cool about this’, or ‘Why are you acting so differently from when you starred in Rapper Car, you acted like you were so cool but now you’re not’ and etc… This is a long post, but please read this before you rat your mouth.

At first, I was going to let it go like the character I had in Rapper Car. But when I read the lyrics to ‘Indigo Child’ for the first time? I’m a woman too, so I was hurt, but if I show how upset and disappointed I am on camera, then how would my family feel? How would my fans feel?

There are times where I need to force myself to be courageous, and in this situation, I have to become stronger. I was so weak in Unpretty Rapstar that I cried a lot, and in the process, made my mother cry a lot of tears too.. And when did I ever say that I’ll ‘never’ sue again? If anything, I would have somewhat threatened (?) Black Nut to ‘never’ mention me like that again.

But after that (I don’t usually listen to Black Nut’s music because they make me cringe), some fans told me that I was mentioned again in one of his unreleased songs. I took a deep breath before listening to it, and this time he overdid it. I acted cool for the people around me but I was so angry and I wasn’t in my right mind because of the humiliation. I’ve only recently realized that I shouldn’t have said ‘Let’s let it go just this one time..’ but this Black Nut idiot doesn’t know what ‘in moderation’ means and mentioned me again in “Too Real”.

And that’s right, the lyrics are a lot weaker compared to his previous songs. Regardless of the context and whether or not it’s sexual harrassment, Black Nut is like a taboo amongst my family and myself, as well as my small fanbase who love me. He’s like a trauma that reminds me of my previous stresses and scars.

Yet still, you treat this like it’s something to laugh about, and ask ‘Why is she like that?’, and in addition, you’ve mocked me by calling me a keyboard bug and spread groundless rumors about me.

From now on, I’m not going to back down, and I’m going to take strong legal action. Please think before you babble.

Oh by the way, I’m disgusted to write his name in my lyrics, so what do you mean I should write a diss track at him? You think that’s real hip hop? Then real hip hop must be dead ㅋㅋㅋ”

 On the 6th May Black Nut took his Instagram which looks like an apology, however many argue due to the kimchi juice on it, it has sparked another controversy may stating Black Nut is subliminally calling Kitti B a “Kimchi woman” which is a misogynist derogatory term.


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What do you think? Is it a dig at KittiB?

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