KNK Have Departed From YNB Entertainment

Boy group KNK and YMB Entertertainment have terminated their contract together.

The members have decided to stay together as a group except for Kim Youjin, who has dropped out due to his panic disorder.

An industry insider said:

“YNB has been experiencing difficulties due to management problems, so the contracts with KNK have been terminated although there is time left until they expire.

Kim Youjin, who is not in good health, has decided to leave the group after discussion. The other members have a strong will to promote, so they have agreed to continue on with the team.”


(Kim Youjin)

Back in April (20th), YNB Entertainment released a statement announcing Youjin was temporarily leaving due to his health. On KNK’s official fan club Tinkerbell, they wrote:

“We are delivering some sad news to all the supportive fans who had been waiting for the group’s next album. KNK’s Youjin was recently told at the hospital that his panic disorder will make it difficult for him to carry out activities.

Because our artist’s health is the top priority, we decided it would be best for Youjin to focus on treatment. KNK will be promoting as a four-member group for now. We will put forth our best effort towards Youjin’s recovery process.

We apologize to Tinkerbell, and we ask that you continue to give lots of love and support to KNK. Thank you.”


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