Kris Wu JULY Music Video Review

“I’ve been looking for a reason” for anyone to hate on Kris’ grind. Since departing from EXO he has been working hard whether that is modelling, acting and now back to his musical roots.


(Kris Wu & Kendall Jenner modelling for Vogue China/ July issue)

Kris new MV July has already surpassed 1 million views and it isn’t even been out for 24 hours yet. (This was at the time I was watching)

The MV aesthetically looks amazing from lighting to Kris himself and not mention the song is in English, which may help him branch over into the mainstream charts.

Did I mention Kris was turning up with his little 2 step near the end and his main girl was a beautiful woman of colour! (Represent)


The song itself is a banger especially the chorus, I was definitely bouncing in my seat. The production value is amazing and for sure Kris means business.

Kris is for sure someone not to sleep on. Check out the video below

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