“Life Is Good” – “Ssenunni” Jessi Caught Up In A Physical Incident At A Club

It has been reported that Rapper Jessi was involved some sort of physical assault on 17th November. Was it really assault or just a misunderstanding?

On 17th November, Apgujeong police told media, officers were called around 9:30pm to a club in Gangnam   due to a physical fight.

Police reported that there was a fight between 2 groups which started verbal and then lead physical. (one group which was Jessi’s group and another is unknown/unidentified (Person A) )

According to the police both testimonies from Jessi’ and the person in question (Person A) was conflicting but it seems like it was resolved and each party did not want to be penalised. Everything was resolved at the scene.

YMC Entertainment, Jessi’s label quickly made a statement denying the intensity of the situation. Jessi and the person in question (Person A) do know of each but have not seen each other in a long time, whist talking a verbal altercation arose nothing physical at all, due to the verbal dispute someone from person A’s camp reported the incident but before the police arrived it was resolved.

From my point of view it seems as if they were playing around and due Jessi’s strong personality it may of been taken the wrong way. Reports say Jessi was at the club making a cameo appearance in an upcoming Double K music video. Be careful Jessi!

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