London Korean Festival With Feel Korea: Uniting South Korea and the UK

The London Korean Festival returned to London for another year, boasting an even grander line-up of events and acts.

London’s Olympia hosted various acts and exhibitions including traditional Korean drummers, various different Korean food and the main event held in the evening, the concert! The day events were extremely fun and exciting, enabling fans to get a taste of Korean culture. Many who attended the festival were left many with an even greater want to travel to Korea soon!


Everyone could barely hold their excitement for the evening’s concert as it is a rare opportunity for London fans to witness multiple Kpop groups at one time. The line-up consisted of new and talented groups KNK and Snuper, and two of the most reputable and iconic groups in the industry, EXID and Highlight!

The model like idols, KNK, began the concert with a bang, performing their debut song ‘Knock’. Along with ‘Knock,’ they also performed their tracks ‘Sun, Moon, Stars,’ ‘Back Again’ and they treated the fans to a special stage, performing Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Thinking Out Loud’ so beautifully. It was magical and heartfelt and was a wonderful surprise for the fans. They wowed the audience with their amazing dance moves, music and mighty fine good looks.

After KNK left the stage, the following performance was a special stage by EXID’s Hyerin. In honour of the tragic recent events in London, she performed a beautiful rendition of ‘Over the Rainbow’ and was truly touching. She displayed heavenly vocals that are often overlooked and demonstrated how much of a talented and kind person she is.

Snuper were next and these adorable human beings were a delight to watch! They performed many of the songs including ‘It’s Raining’ and the cute and retro ‘Platonic Love’ and demonstrated a cooler and sexier side with their track ‘Back Hug.’  Now Snuper had not one, but TWO special performances! The first was heart-wrenching as the group announced that on one of the hand fans given out to the audience at the start of the concert had a key and heart attached to it which meant that a lucky fan could go on stage and be serenaded by these beautiful humans!

Everyone literally died when they discovered their fan did not have the key attached! The other special performance was in collaboration with the dance group LOKO. This performance was explosive, to say the least! They teamed up and performed dance covers of various BTS songs. YES, BTS!! When BTS got mentioned everybody knew it was going to be FIRE (pun intended). They opened with ‘Danger,’ followed by ‘Fire’ and closed with the epic ‘Not Today.’ This only further proved to the audience how talented Snuper are and everyone just fell in love with them more.

The queens that are EXID completely stole the hearts of everyone and they most definitely proved why they have stayed strong in the industry as long as they have. They opened with ‘Hot Pink’ and subsequently, tracks ‘Night Rather Than Day,’ ‘Ah Yeah’ and ‘Up and Down.’ These girls are the sweetest and coolest girls to ever exist. They were so kind to the audience and got them involved with the dance in ‘Up and Down’ which brought everyone closer together. I’m pretty sure EXID were the group that everyone wished would stay on the longest as it was evident that everyone was reluctant for them to end their set and leave. Come back soon EXID!

For some, Highlight was the highlight of the evening (again, pun intended). With the well-loved boys of the previously named ‘Beast’ returning to London with new music, everyone was ready to witness the greatness. They sang not only their new tracks including ‘Plz Don’t Be Sad’ and ‘Calling You,’ they also performed their old songs while still under Beast including ‘Yey’ and ‘Beautiful Night.’ The crowd lost their minds when those songs came on as they got to jump and dance to some of the tracks that got them to fall in love with the boys in the first place. That partnered with their extreme good looks sent fans into a state of hysteria, I mean have you seen Gikwang! They were cool and effortless with their performance, demonstrating how they are true professionals and performing is 2nd nature to them.

At the end of the concert, an encore took place with all groups coming onto the stage, dancing around and having fun with each other and the audience. Confetti was flying everywhere and giant balloons bounced across the audience. This was a special concert connecting Korea and UK and gave the London fans the unlikely experience of seeing multiple groups at once. We can’t wait for the next festival and what it brings to the UK fans.


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