London Kpop Dance Workshop (LOKO): In The Memory Of Kim Jonghyun

The end of last year, we lost a talented soul, who placed smiles on our faces and warmed our hearts with his music and persona. On 14/1/18, Team LOKO (London Kpop Dance Workshop) dedicated their first workshop of the year to the wonderful Kim Jonghyun.

We came together to celebrate his work through dance and LOKO donated all proceeds to the mental health charity “Young Minds.”

“We’re the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the wellbeing and mental health of children and young people.” –

Team LOKO also held a raffle for some amazing prizes to raise funds. They raised over £300 and it will be donated in Jonghyun’s name.

The workshop was a full day of amazing chores, which was taught by the LOKO gang.

Nikki taught the chores to SHINee’s View, followed by Marianne teaching SHINee’s Symptoms. After a short break, they released balloons in memory of Jonghyun, which I feel it brought the group together and allowing tears without judgement. This was then followed by Caroline teaching the choreography to the iconic song Juliette and ended with a Jonghyun banger Dress Up taught by Tammy.

Again I want to thank LOKO for their work and the impact they have on the Kpop community in London. LOKO is a great environment to meet fans, laugh, cry and dance.

Make sure you don’t miss their next workshops!

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