“When you called me, I became your flower”

This track is an absolute dream. It is beautiful and poetic. It’s almost as like Jimin was born to perform this track!

Serendipity is a beautiful declaration of unconditional love transcending fate and destiny and Jimin’s soft and ethereal vocals perfectly highlight the genuine emotion of the song. With poetic lyrics including “the universe has moved us, there wasn’t even a little miss,” you can’t help but be in awe. The Korean language is beautiful in itself, but has never had it sounded so beautiful in a song.

The music video compliments and captures the feeling and imagery of the song with equally dreamy visuals. Just like it’s song and singer, the video is soft and sweet with images of Jimin drifting under white sheets, gazing at the stars and falling into a picturesque galaxy. Jimin himself looks at peace which, I’m sure, delights fans as it’s a pleasant departure from the darker tones of videos such as ‘I Need U.’


WHY IS THIS SONG SO DAMN SHORT! One cannot simply play this song just once.


You must play it at least 3 times consecutively! This song is a masterpiece in both song creation and performance and although we will endlessly listen to this track, we can’t help but wonder what greatness BTS’ next intro will be.


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