[Music Monday] – Ladies Edition

The past week was a week packed full of amazing new music from the ladies! Here on the newest Music Monday, sit back and relax and admire the talented women who created this amazing music. You know the drill, WHO RUN THE WORLD!?


AOMG’s queen, Hoody, returns with her signature chill RnB bops with the track ‘HANGANG’ produced by resident producer and CEO of H1GHR MUSIC, Cha Cha Malone. Hoody’s soft vocals over the mellow track prove to be a match made in heaven and result in a song perfect for the end of summer leading into autumn. She looks as beautiful as always in the music video, showing how she can effortlessly pull off streetwear and feminine elegance. Hoody never fails to deliver and this proves why, and the cute couple visuals add to the sweet tone. We salute you Hoody for standing out not only as the only female member of AOMG, but in the Korean music industry!

Pristin – WE LIKE

Pristin are back with their second single since their hit debut track, ‘WEE WOO.’ The girls prove once again in ‘WE LIKE’ that they can perform infectious tracks that will stick in your head for days! The track highlights their cool but cute girl image and shows the feelings of a girl who typically doesn’t crush on someone but has suddenly found themselves crushing. Pristin are confident and fierce and cute! The song’s video is bright and colourful, much like their previous track and has an equally catchy dance routine that you can’t help but pick up. Once you listen to this song, it is NOT getting out of your head! Trust me on this.


Heize – In the Time Spent with You

This lovely new track, ‘In the Time Spent with You,’ by khiphop princess, Heize, portrays the bittersweet feelings of a relationship once beautiful gone wrong. The ambient opening and Heize’s soft and distant vocals beautifully set the tone to this heartfelt song and elevate the story of the two lovers onscreen. The vintage film moments help the nostalgic nature of the song and video and you can’t help but become consumed by this new release. Definitely, a must  listen of last week!


Sunmi – Gashina

Sunmi has returned! It seems like yesterday that she was making music with the Wonder Girls when it’s in fact been 7 months! So, fans are delighted to see the return of one of their favourites to music. ‘Gashina’ is a powerful message to an ex-lover expressing anger, confusion and a giant middle finger. Sunmi looks like a top-class woman who should not be messed with in the music video and is seen looking seductive, tumbling into rooms with looks to kill. Message received, do not mess with Sunmi!


Momoland – Freeze

The adorable girl group, Momoland, has returned with another bright concept and song, ‘Freeze.’ The girls are desperate to know who the mysterious man is that stole their hearts at first sight in their new song and the girls play the parts of puppets under the control of the dreamy puppet master portrayed by none other than Wanna One’s Jaehwan! The child-like game concept is further heightened by the signature circus theme that starts and ends the song. Stay to the end of the video to see a short but cute behind the scenes of the girls with Jaehwan!


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