[MUSIC MONDAY] – Rewind Releases – TOP 6!

Another Monday, another chance to take a look back at some of the amazing comebacks and debuts of last week.

Let’s go through the top 6 comebacks/ debuts of last week, (not in a particular order)

Girl Generation: All Night & Holiday

Girls Generation are back after “Lion Heart” which was 2 years ago, in addition to that they are celebrating their 10 year debut anniversary (I know!) They came back with 2 title tracks “All Night” and “Holiday”. The tracks both have a feel-good, party feel and each video all the members stood out with their unique looks and personal style. These songs definitely celebrate all the achievements they have made within the industry and here I raise my glass for another 10 years.

Girls Generation also had a documentary version of all night where each member reflected on the last 10 years…is it just me or should they of included Jessica too?

JJ Project – Tomorrow, Today

After 5 years, JJ Project is back. This is very different from “Bounce” all those years ago and you can really see the growth and progression of GOT7 member’s JB and Jinyoung. Their Vocals really complement each other. The song seems like something you would listen to in a car going on a long drive somewhere or in a cafe. It has a mellow feel to it, I don’t know why, (maybe I am weird) but I found it so funny how they were laying on open roads…don’t do that kids!! They seemed to be very alone and lost in the video. WHERE IS EVERYONE?!? Don’t they have google maps?

Apple.B – Oojjoojjoo

Apple.B are a new girl group and they have debuted with the song “Oojjoojjoo”. The group consists of 5 members. This video is visually pleasing with all the bright colours, the comic book style of editing and the dance is really cute and funny. I really liked the relationship the girls had with each other. Both the song and video are very fun and give off summer vibes. I really enjoyed the mini breakdown after the chorus, you never can go wrong with a little body roll.

Longguo & Shihyun – the.the.the

Produce 101 Season 2 contestants, Kim Yong Guk (Jin Long Guo) and Kim Shi Hyun have debuted as a duo with their song “the.the.the.” Now this is my type of music, it is so chill, so suave, so laid-back. It got me from the first two counts, the music video enhances these vibes with the sleek choreography. They really compliment each other vocally and I have to say the song and music video are like melted butter (so smooth). I love the contrast of colours in the video from the outfits to the sets which made it really striking.

Shannon – Hello

Shannon is back with the single “Hello”. We all know that this girl can SANNNNGGG and she is a great dancer so I am glad she was able to showcase both in this music video. The music video itself is very artistic, purples, blues, and pinks and how they blended into each other. I really enjoyed the transitions from scene to scene, for example when Shannon opened the door to the stars. Shannon looks beautiful in her music video and I hope she is able to shine.

WINNER – Island & Love Me Love Me

WINNER doesn’t comeback with one title track but 2! 2! (Faints) What have we done to deserve the pleasure. “Island” gives off Island vibes being the younger sister of “Really Really” whilst “Love Me Love Me” has more of mellow feel both videos were filmed in Hawaii it is not surprising that both videos were shot and edited beautifully. “Love Me Love Me” text message at the beginning is funny to see if you can spot it. It seems like they have really found their groove. I cannot wait to hear more! They are giving us some summer bops and I am here for it.

Honourable mentions!

Jung Jin Hyeong – Calling You

GFriend – Love Whisper

Samuel Kim – SIXTEEN (read our article here)

CLC – Where Are You (Which was our song of the week)

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