[Music Monday]: The Bops Y’all Might Of Missed!

It has been a while since Kpopbox has done a Music Monday! I think it is time to bring this baby back.

In no particular order here are some of the songs you may have missed last week.

Red Velvet – Peek A Boo

Red velvet are back with there song Peek-A-Boo, the song is upbeat and it has that red velvet feel to it. This one you can bop your hips too ( if that is even a thing). Red velvet seem to have combined both Red side – with the styling of their clothes, (they are actually in red) and velvet side with the sound of the song itself.  The video itself seems very…ummm psychotic with a pizza guy becoming their victim. (RUN BOY RUN) That might be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at things.

Wanna One – Beautiful

After making you feel “Energetic” Wanna One are back. They seemed to turn things down a bit and gave us an emotional ballad. They released a Movie version, which showcases the narrative of lost brothers hoping to find each other again and they will be releasing a performance version of the MV soon. It is shot beautifully and is a must watch! The song itself just sets the tone for this time of year, definitely a coffee shop bop.

Samuel – Candy

From Produce 101 members to another, 15-year-old (yes 15) Samuel is back with his song Candy. Samuel is such a cutie and the song itself reminds me of an old K-pop song. Even down to certain sets, gets me back into my feels. He showcases not only his charm but his amazing dance skills too. You can see how much he has evolved since his 1punch days for sure.

Snuper – Dear

In honour of their 2nd debut anniversary, Snuper released MV Dear, they are not really well known but they are definitely talented. They are also appearing in the KBS idol rebooting show The Unit. The song has a chill feel to it and the whole video seems to be shot through an IG filter (haha) not saying that it is a bad thing either. This isn’t a song I would listen too but I do feel like Snuper is one to watch.



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