[Music Monday]: The Top K-Bops From Last Week

It is that time of the week where I give you the top tracks from last week to add to your playlist.

 This is in no particular order, how do arrange fire? you can’t. ok, let me just get into it.

Jessi – Arrived

“Being bad never looked or felt better”

This song is so badass, first of all, it is all in English.  Secondly, Jessi is letting you know that she has arrived (Girl we know, you’ve been here). I feel like this song could cross over too, the synths and the simple drum track is all it needed. Jessi’s voice just enhanced the whole beat. She looks so good in the video all her looks slay and she is definitely not playing. The song has this chilled laid back feel something you want to listen to whilst driving your Lambo. Oh, you don’t have one? Me neither but a girl can dream.

Sonamoo – Friday Night

What do you do on a Friday night? Turn up of course and this is the song you can do it too. The first beat at the beginning was cool but once the actual song started…yassssss. If you are looking for a song to get ready for a night of turn up with your friends this is it. I was really intrigued by D.ana tone, it is so badass added an extra texture to the song. Another ear catching moment was Newsun’s rap also her tone is very soft, which is a great contrast from D.ana. The song is smooth, sexy and the piano parts are really catchy. The choreography is great and I hope Sonamoo gets the recognition they deserve.

Taeyang – Darling

ohhh Taeyang, your voice is beautiful.  You can tell he means every word, can you imagine your bae, real or imaginary singing this to you I am not crying I promise. The video again brings out the crispness of his voice, it is so hard to explain in words, the song and video have a certain feel that everyone should experience. The 2:40 mark when the song builds up I died, my life ended. It is such a beautiful song, songs like this usually don’t grab me but my wig was gone and my edges were snatched. I got some Bruno Mars vibes from this too. Yes, Youngbae sing about your bae.

Taeyang – Wake Me Up

Another banger from the bae. Did I tell you that he invented glitter? It goes without saying he looks amazing and the artistic direction of the video is beautiful but I expect nothing less from Christian Yu and DPR media, let me keep it real. The song feels like it belongs to an epic movie soundtrack. The production value of this song is amazing, just go ahead and bless your ears.

NCT Dream – We Young

The babies are back with a laid summer feeling song we young. Don’t you just want to pinch their cheeks? They are so cute and I am feeling all the coloured hair. (I love that they are giving Mark’s hair a break from all that colour but don’t let me speak too soon) The colours in the video somehow brought out all the colours of the song. The xylophone in the song kind of reminded me of the song “under the sea” but revamped. It kind of reminded me of Red velvet too for some reason. This is a cute and fun song to dance to if you are on a beach or on a nice summers day, 2:13 – “na na na na” move – umm excuse me that was rude and cute at the same time.  How does one do that?

Loco ft Gray – Summer Go Loco

I NEED A CHA CHA BEAT BOY. Need I say more? I feel like that’s all you need for a song to be a banger. Am I right or am I right? Loco is back baby, with his smooth summer flow and if that wasn’t enough added Gray to the mix with his smooth vocals too. This is for sure a bop. They both looked good in the music video too. Loco looks great in yellow and they both looked like they had a lot of fun shooting it. I mean who wouldn’t with so many beautiful girls around. I loved the typical 90s shot of them singing down to the camera and who told Gray it was ok to have his shirt open like that? I need answers.

Jane Jang, GIANTPINK, PERC%NT – Dumb Dumb

When I clicked I didn’t know what to expect but to my surprise, it’s a Red Velvet remake of Dumb Dumb. This song is part of the snowball project where Mystic artists go up against SM artist in various challenges. As I said before, I didn’t know what to expect but when the beat dropped I knew it would be a banger. I liked the contrast of colours from the deep red piano to the dark blues with pink neon lights. Perc%nt is so smooth and his cute little dance is too cute. Jane Hang vocals are like the syrup on a waffle (or pancake if you prefer) and GiantPink tone and flow was amazing too. All in all, in came together well and is on constant repeat, it sounds like a different song.

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