[MUSIC MONDAYS]: Rewind Releases – Comeback Recap

As it seems like nearly every k-pop fan is busy with the hype surrounding EXO’s upcoming comeback, due on July 18, it should be addressed that there have been several incredible comebacks that have been released in the past week alone. Here are a few comebacks and music videos that have made it to the public eye- and ear- this past week.

ONE- heyahe

Just after listening to the starting lines, it could definitely be noticed that this is a song to snap along to. The beat is very contagious, with the melody giving the song an overall nice balance. The music video is definitely very aesthetically pleasing.

ZICO- “Artist” and “ANTI”


 These songs are definitely a step away from the chill beat of “She’s a Baby”, which was released earlier this year, but are still quite different from one another. “Artist” has a more upbeat and dance-inducing vibe, while “ANTI” is definitely more enigmatic and unique. The music videos are also very unlike with “Artist” including a lot of colours, and “ANTI” being very dark.

The “ANTI” music video looks like something straight out of a horror movie, including creepy visuals. Meanwhile, the “Artist” music video is definitely something very bright and fresh. However, differences aside, both songs have proven themselves to be amazing.

Jessi- “Gucci”:

One thing immediately pops into my mind when observing this song- “empowerment”. The song itself definitely sends a strong message to its listeners, which should be an important factor in music. The song, as well as the music video, integrate hip-hop elements and a very nice tune. The music video itself includes great choreography and somewhat excellent wardrobe choices.

Hotshot- “Jelly”:

The only boy-group on this list, Hotshot’s latest comeback has not failed to disappoint. While the music video itself is very dark and in a way, strange, the song itself is very catchy and upbeat. The music video includes some great choreography and an obvious lean toward some sex appeal, which could have an impact on female fans.

Park Boram- “Why You”:

This song definitely sounds like it came straight off of someone’s Tumblr dash. The music video further proves this point, with it including several aesthetically-pleasing details. This song, in all its glory, definitely makes me fall further in love with Park Boram. Her voice alone makes this song a definite must-listen.

WJSN- “Kiss Me”:

Two words: Summer. Must. This song definitely has a complete beachy vibe, with a sweet, upbeat, pop-song style. The music video contains colourful and cutesy visuals, which can be expected of WJSN. I recommend enjoying this song while summer still lasts.

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