Music Mondays – Underrated? (22nd – 28th Oct 2018)

This is the first of a NEW SEGMENT called…Music Mondays, where I look at a few tracks that were released last week. So I have picked five tracks that were released last week and I lowkey feel are being slept on…kind of…maybe, hear me out.

(This isn’t in any particular order)

Stray Kids – I Am You

I am not going to lie and Y’all can come for me, I have been sleeping on Stray Kids, I have seen them around promoting hard and I love how much JYP is pushing them especially as they have only debuted this year! I have seen parts of their show and a few snippets of their songs here and there but this is the first time (apart from Hellevator) that I have listened to a full song I am impressed. From when I saw them last they have really improved vocally, Bang Chan production is amazing and I just know this is the beginning (whoa). Changbin rap and that bass behind his voice is wild, Han can RAP and sing…how is that fair? I need answers and Woojin…IS THAT YOU? IS IT? He just shone in this song. Altogether they blended really well in this song  

The visuals of the song were top notch also from the shower curtain scene to the dance scene where it looks like they are in a moving truck. Definitely a song to listen to.

My rating: 5/5

Sam Kim Ft Crush – Make Up

Mr Kim, his voice sounds like the feeling of a warm long jacket warming you on a chilly day and this my friend is what I wanted, what I needed. Sam’s vocals were taking me to CHURCH!!! I felt the pain in his voice and I automatically knew what he was singing about before looking at the translation. Crush killed it as always adding that extra spice and flare but MR KIM….WOW. 

The video was colour graded well, I love hues of navy blue and mustard yellow but to be honest I was mainly transfixed on the song itself. The sad thing is NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT. Underrated for sure.

My rating: 5/5

Monsta X – Shoot Out

Ok, so this maybe a stretch saying this is underrated…I don’t know. I know monbebes go hard, so don’t come at me. Monsta X are always serving looks and aesthetic and that was hook, line and sinker. I am not going to lie when I first listened to it, it wasn’t really my thang, but once I heard it for the second time it made me appreciate, that Monsta X have a unique sound that only Monsta X can do and for that, I can appreciate it. No other group can do what they do. 

The song has a badass vibe and the Jooheon and I.M tag-team rap is on fire here. The pre-chorus gives me “Dramarama” feels, it maybe the horns that are used…or I could be tripping who knows. But the highlight is Kihyun, he ate that chorus, HE KILLED IT…OH MA GWAD. Who allowed this?

My rating: 4/5

BoA – Woman

When Queen BoA makes a comeback, of course, she is going to SNATCH wigs and all she would have to do is stand there. Not today though, she put in WORK. Firstly my girl starts off her choreography UPSIDE DOWN. EXCUSE ME? The audacity. Then she is serving me looks, from the leopard print, the red leather fit to slaying in black. Wow, what a queen. In addition, the message of the song is all about woman empowerment and I loved how she had different types of women in her video. 

I don’t know why but it gave me Beyonce, Formation vibes especially the scene where BoA and gang are sitting around the table sipping tea. (1:17)

She served looks and vocals what can I say and I feel she is being slept on by newer fans. Give her a chance she hands down created Kpop…bow down 

my rating: 5/5

Hoody ft Crush – Sunshine

Hoody is another vocalist that gets me in my feelings, and even though the days are getting longer and colder she adds that warmth, that “sunshine”. (ok I will stop) The song has a great vibe but the video is HILARIOUS.  You can never go wrong with Cha Cha beat and the great blend of Hoody’s and Crush’s vocals.

The video and song don’t coincide but what I got from it is “even though you’re annoying I still love ya” it shows Hoody and Crush annoying each other being noisy neighbours to the point where they both start destroying each other’s apartments. (anger issues I guess) My favourite part is Simon D camo, absolutely funny.

Again another song slept on.

my rating: 5/5

What songs did you enjoy from last week and do you agree with my picks, let me know!!



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