I’ve been waiting for this collaboration for a while now!

This song makes me feel some type of way! And I most certainly DID NOT expect Eric Nam to come for me!

I’ve always thought that he had a good voice, but his vocal range was definitely displayed in this song! This genre of music helps him to showcase himself properly!

His voice sounded light and silky at the same time, and I was completely shocked. Eric always sings well, but something was different about him in this song.

I can definitely see that he is trying to move away from the idol/K-Pop status, and move on to become mainstream.

This song makes me feel so many different types of emotions. The only types of emotions that gooooooood music can make me feel!


So here’s the run down…

Gallant entered and removed my soul from my body.

You can’t explain his voice with mere words, and the teaser video gave a good taste of what was to come. I expected nothing less, and he delivered, as per! His verse included words and phrases with metaphorical meanings, and it created a lot of imagery for me. Very powerful images. I’m really into poetry and English as a subject, so this really appealed to me.

The feels…

Tablo performed the second verse, with his classic tone. His use of wordplay is always intriguing, and this time he focused on pairing sentences with clever allegories.

“Love’s either got you over heels or overdosed,

It’s got you off your feet or on your toes
It’s got you out your seat or in your place
It’s got you digging it or your grave…”

Tablo always has a story to tell, and he made me think deeper into his words. He’s extremely poetic, and that’s what I love about him the most.

Finally, Eric Nam.

Let me just say that I have never seen this side of him! In terms of his vocals, and physical performance. He came with a completely different style; in both singing and appearance. I just hope that others can see his talent and potential to do more, than just being an idol. This collaboration will certainly help him with this.

 I’d love to see more from this trio; and definitely, live performances.





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