Music Video Review : RAIN “The Best Present”

After 18 years since his debut, Rain 비 is back with “The Best Present” 최고의 선물.

Ooooooo Zaaaaadddyyyyy! My thirst was quenched!



The song is smooth and deeply soulful.

Rain showcases his raspy, honey-like vocals, and kills it!

Now let’s talk about visuals…

The contrast of black and white makes it a very comfortable watch, and the use of silhouette and spot-lighting was a perfect combination.

The choices of colours, camera movements (slow zoom and panning), match the pace of the beat.

Although the video teaser made me think that it was going to be an up-tempo song, I’m definitely not disappointed.

Rain is sexy and sharp! You’ll be entranced by this video!

Take a look at it below:


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