PSY: The Viral King Returns

Call him what you will but this man is certainly not a one hit wonder!

The YG veteran released his album titled ‘4×2=8’ on Wednesday 10th May accompanied with two addicting music videos ‘I LUV IT’ and ‘New Face’ and in typical PSY fashion, they are fun, comical and addicting! Currently ‘New Face’ is the number 6 trending video on YouTube.

This international sensation is not new to the game and evidence of this is clear. PSY has established a formula for his content and boy do is it work! Fun and energetic beats with the catchiest dances any KPOP music ever has ever had that has captured a global audience. Within 24 hours major global music websites had written about the new releases, including Billboard and MTV UK. This only goes to show the impact PSY has on the world and the strength he has to break more boarders between the rest of the world and KPOP. This man has got the world hooked as he has managed to perfect having a signature style yet always bring something fresh and new.

The music video for ‘New Face’ is naturally grand and explosive and features the beautiful Son Naeun of the girl group Apink as the female lead. The song has a distinctive saxophone hook throughout that captures the playful side of the song and artist. The video has lavish settings that are visually stunning. This video is more story based with PSY taking on multiple characters to win over the beautiful singer at a grand hotel. As always, the song has an explosive dance with sharp dabs being prominent and this only confirms that dabbing isn’t going anywhere any time soon. The music video ends with huge dance scenes in the hotel at night and in front of a humongous swimming pool with masses of people partying and having fun. However, the video could not have ended better with a still frame of PSY and Naeun jumping into the swimming pool while dabbing. Iconic!


‘I LUV IT’ has an electric, dance-centred video in multiple stand out locations including the Bukchon Hanok Village. True to PSY’s music video style, this video is star studded with cameos from global south Korean actor Lee Byung Hun, who has featured in western films such as ‘The Magnificent Seven’ and ‘Terminator Genisys,’ and Pikotaro, another internet sensation who went viral with the equally catchy ‘PPAP.’ Again, the dance is incredibly catchy and the YG dancers are amazing as always. The song has PSY highlight his success and the confidence has, showing that he is not going anywhere any time soon.


PSY is the artist that keeps bringing addicting music time and time again and is showing no signs of slowing down. With the album having artists like G Dragon and Taeyang among others featuring, it demonstrates the universal appeal of PSY and how he is the artist everyone wants to work with. I mean, why wouldn’t you? Working with PSY will result in an exciting, one of a kind experience with a product that will take the world by storm. We can only imagine what PSY will bring in the future but to be honest, we won’t even come close.



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