Revealed: The True Reason Why SISTAR Disbanded

SISTAR announced their disbandment to the public after 7 years together, which left many shocked. However a rep from their agency Starship Entertainment revealed why to newspaper Segye Ilbo.

According to the rep, SISTAR have had the rule if one member wanted to go solo, they would disband. According to the source it  was Hyorin wanted to invest more time into her solo career. Instead of promoting for more time she felt like her wish was the same over time, so disbandment was the best

“Now or later, her wish will be the same even if they promote as a girl group for several more years. I think that’s why she brought up the courage to disband.” – Rep from Starship

Bora, Soyu, Dasom and the agency all respected her wishes and they all came to the agreement to part ways. They left on a high which I personally feel is a good thing instead of carrying on for the sake of it. It has been reported along side Hyorin, Soyu and Bora will continue to be singers whereas Dasom will pursue acting. Whatever they do in the future it is bond to be great.

Thank You SISTAR!


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