”Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim” (낭만닥터 김사부) will always be our favourite Doctor drama, and here’s why!


If you haven’t been watching ”Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim” (RD,TK) you may want to go and open a new tab on your computer and start.

RD,TK is an SBS drama that has completely captured our hearts in every way possible. The story follows a group of doctors and other medical staff go through painstaking measures to do their absolute best for their patients. They follow the word and actions of their teacher, friend, and most of all kind and hardworking head surgeon Kim Sa Bu (Master kim). The title may put a few people off but the story is well worth a watch, especially if you’re into medical dramas. Doctors starring Park Shin hye and Kim Rae won was a great drama too but this one hit me in different way, maybe it was because there was more of an emphasis on the medical script rather than the romance, and don’t get me wrong romance is definitely something that draws most of us in but sometimes we need…substance shall I say? All in all this drama complete threw me off with how well the cast seemed to gel in every aspect!


Since the title starts with ‘romantic doctor’ will go with the romance portion of this drama first! The love between between Kang Dong joo played by Yoo Yeon seok and Yoon Seo Jung played by Seo Hyun Jin seems to hit fire up straight away (first ep kiss!), but events unfold that lead the two to seperate.

However fate brings the two together and the audience is thrilled to see what happens next between with two. Their lovey dovey relationship isn’t in your face but it’s definitely there and that exactly how we like it! This drama has definitely proved that falling in love doesn’t mean you get to be with the person right away, even if they love you back. And that’s how it was between these two adorable characters. Yoon Seo Jung is the type of Doctor that wants to put her love on the back burner and focus on her most important tasks at hand, dealing with her past trauma and becoming a surgeon that can stand on her own two feet.

Kang Dong Joo is the type of guy that will tell you he likes you from the get go, which is nice but also overwhelming. He ends up in a small middle of nowhere town hospital, that has few resources and even fewer staff.  This completely rubs him the wrong way from the get go but it allows him to explore what he is really made of. His character goes through many trials and he overcomes each and every one successfully, albeit at times very reluctantly.

He is a skilled General surgeon who thinks he knows it all, or at very least most things in life.

Even though this annoyed many people who tuned in internationally (the comments were quite harsh at times). I personally didn’t really see it as a flaw in his personality but more of a growth in his character. And grow he did! I feel as though his characters keep getting better and better, which means I can’t for his next drama! But then again, when are we not waiting for our next drama?


Kim Sa Bu (Master Kim) played by Han Suk Kyu is the chief surgeon and most importantly the man that makes the decisions in every emergency situation. The emergence room wouldn’t be able to run without him as we have seen in countless circumstances, but the best part about him? He is humble. He doesn’t boast about his amazing skills nor does he shy away from any confrontations. He knows exactly what to do and what to say to make situations that seem so far removed make sense. And everyone knows it. His past however is one he would like to forget or at least never mention. He has built a team that knows their limits but also knows how to find their potential strength. Number rule in this hospital would be…don’t lie about doing a procedure you’ve never actually done. But at least we get some bromance along the way. Did you seen Do in beom played by the handsome Yang Se jong smile?? I did!


Cast (Actor, past work and date)

Han Suk kyu – Teacher Kim (Secret Door, 2014)

Yoo Yeon seok – Kang Dong joo (Warm and Cosy, 2015)

Seo Hyun jin – Yoon Seo Jung (Another Miss Oh, 2016)

Jin Kyung – Oh Myung Sim (Uncontrollably fond, 2016)


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