Hi guys! I hope you enjoyed the first episode of Kpopbox’s Vlog-umentary, “Seoul Stories.”

 You see what I did there? Every week I’ll be giving my take, and claiming my defence on each episode!

So let’s get started!

My Beloved Camera

I specifically purchased this camera for this trip! As I actually DO like to take photos of EVERYTHING, SHANICE! I’m really big on nature and scenery; so yes, I’m guilty! And due to my stupidity, I have probably over 1000 pictures- most of them are completely irrelevant, and need to be deleted!

But anyway, here’s what me and my camera think of your comments…



Mistaken Identity: Lee Jong Suk 이종숙

You know what, when I look back at the episode, I feel like that was Lee Jong Suk 이종숙 you know! And that the cardboard cut out was just bad Photoshop. Because who else could it be?

I was actually watching “W” at that time, and in my defence, I was completely new to his face, plus my bad eyesight; oh and it was night time too. Maybe I should eat more carrots? But basically, a lot of factors contributed to this mix-up! But erm, it wasn’t him… it was SungJae 숭재 from BTOB . Which is what Shanice has told me, recently. And yeah, now I can see that it 100% isn’t him…

Our First Meal in Seoul

So, in my head “galbi” 갈비 meant “meat.” “Beef.” No, Shari, that is incorrect! Regardless, we didn’t order TWO lots; they ripped us off! They knew we didn’t know what we were talking about! Anyway, you have to laugh! What can you do?

Shanice’s Ahjussi 아저씨(elderly/older man)

“Ppang.” “Bang.” On meant “bread”, one meant, “room.” Which one was Shanice being offered? Well, we’ll never know! But let’s just say that I don’t think she was being offered a loaf of bread!

In conclusion, I should have attempted to learn Korean properly before going; and this is actually my third time visiting…

That’s my round up for this week, keep your eyes open for more of my thoughts!

The adventures have just begun! So tune in next Sunday, to see what else we have in store for you!

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