Well this week’s episode was definitely interesting! Lot’s of stories and crazy shenanigans! As always, here’s my take on things.

In all honesty, this trip to Seoul has been the most eventful, with crazy and random things happening every day!

Gwanghwan Square 광화문광장 and Cheonggycheon Stream 청계천

These are two of my favourite places ever! And I actually didn’t mind walking around for hour 2 hours. It was just annoying that residents didn’t even know the area, and sent us in a million different directions! We then figured out that once we were at Gwanghwamun Square, we were less than 5 minutes away from the stream.

Of course, Shanice’s ahjussi fan club was out in full effect that night!

In my opinion, she should have embraced it…


Look how beautiful it is!

So moving onto the next day…

We were 100% jet lagged, and decided for some weird reason, to watch TV- in South Korea. We sat there staring at the screen, in silence for maybe 15-20 minutes, before we realised  that we didn’t understand Korean.


Itaewon 이태원

One of my favourite events of the night was definitely the taxi ride to Itaewon. The driver had missing teeth, he was playing “Hot Stuff” on the radio; he was turning around ad winking at us.  Then he decided to drive at 100 miles per hour, whilst saying “pali pali okaaaayyy!”

“Pali- pali 빨리 빨리” means hurry up, or quickly.

But who asked him to go quickly? I remember thinking “this is the end,’ because my seat belt buckle was broken. I was holding my seat belt cross myself like my life depended on it- well it actually did.

And who told these guys to video bomb? LOL

Being followed by Psy was also one of my favourite things to do, in Itaewon 이태원. His outfit was on point too, you know!

I’d love to show you the videos we have of the American military people, but that would be a bit deep lol. You guys know who you are! I hope you’re still turning up for us in Seoul! Haha!

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Until next time…

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