Did you guys enjoy episode 4? We’re hilarious, I know! I’m here again to give my viewpoint on everything.

As per, let’s get going!

Dongdaemun (Dongdaemun Design Plaza) 동대문디자인플라자

It’s such a pretty area! And there so many different malls, and markets there!

Now the street food… that fish cake, was viiiiiiile! I’d seen it so many times before, and I just thought, let me try it this year!

Never again!

And that DIRTY pigeon! It almost took me out for this!

Fish and egg combined. That’s how I can describe the taste and texture.

The chicken was the winner!


The Mysterious Lady

I knew this lady was religious, but I couldn’t quite say what her religion was. And her style of dress didn’t make it obvious either. Having done some research afterward, I discovered that she was a monk! Her bowl is called a “baat.”

You learn something new every day!

Like Shanice said, we just put the first note that we grabbed, into her bowl…

No, I fully gave her 2,000 won on purpose- I’m not rich!

Cafe Dudart

Fake Jay Park confused me so much LOL! His brother does work there, and we actually thought it was him because this guy literally was a throwback, Jay Park. We sat there debating for a while, and we were like no… Jay Park is American, so why would his brother struggle with English? Weird, right?

The School Kids

They were so, so cute!  And I’m always nice, Shanice!

I can’t remember exactly what their research project was about; but I remember having to guess which items of clothing, I thought were the most expensive, to the cheapest.

Cardboard Cut Outs

I do not have a photographic memory okay?  So, therefore, I take pictures of EVERYTHING!

It’s such a bad habit, and I even do it in London, so…

Anyway, Shanice loves me really!

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