This week was definitely interesting! As per usual, we had a fun filled episode for you guys! So take a look at my weekly thoughts!

Visiting SM Entertainment, JYP and FNC Entertainment is a must! It’s nice to see it up-close, and everything looks a lot smaller in real life!

Walk down K-star Road, and you’ll see an array of bear-shaped figures, all designed with your favourite idol groups’ logos!



We also made it FNC Entertainment, SM Entertainment and JYP!

My dearest Jackson잭슨, I did wait for you, and I know you didn’t show up because of Shanice…




So I didn’t get to rekindle my love with Jackson 잭슨, but never mind!

We got to see JYP instead!

*Whispers* JYP!

And yes I got my picture in front of the building, because yes, I AM BAD!

And Shanice did not make me because I’m bad all by myself!

All those other fans were shoooook! I’m not sure why, because there isn’t any security around the area; compared to YG Entertainment, it’s pretty relaxed. Same for SM Entertainment actually!

No “Hey! Hey!” this time!

We then moved onto SM Town at Coex Mall, and guys if you’re an SM fan, this place is what dreams are made of!

Visually and interactively, it’s amazing! My only qualm was that they had a lot of EXO 엑소 apparel, but nothing for SHINee 샤이니!

There were bright lights and so many different areas to explore!

It’s a good thing that I took so many pictures, isn’t it Shanice? 😀

Prepare to be amazed…



Oh look, guys, it’s all of the awards that Shanice didn’t win…







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