And I’m back again, as per! I was so excited to see my faves, live in concert! But hmm, it was a complete and utter shambles. Will I get the chance again? Probably not!

I don’t know what happened that day, but luck was not on our side! How could I get us lost, TWICE?!



I think it’s because I was both anxious and excited at the same time!

The whole stage set-up was atrocious!

Even Hyungwon형원 felt for us

He was like: “I see ya girl!’

Why didn’t I wave? Mehh!

The funny thing is, when I got back to the UK, I watched the performances on YouTube because it was a better view; a better view than being FRONT ROW!

This concert was a foreigner event, set up by the Korea Tourism Organisation, and usually what they have on offer is always good!

We can’t blame them, the people behind the camera and sound have a lot to answer for!

I would show you guys my fan cams, but it’s really embarrassing, as you can just hear me screaming Taemin’s 태민 name; like he could actually hear me. As well as singing (screeching) song lyrics in a mixture of Korean and English!

I was really surprised by Boys Republic and Highlight 하이라이트 (who were BEAST 비스트 at the time). Their performances were amazing!

And was this the last time that Highlight 하이라이트 were physically allowed to perform their BEAST 비스트 songs? Who knows? If so, we got to see and hear them for the last time.

SHINee 샤이니! I was acting a fool! No lie! My throat hurt afterwards. When they performed the helicopter part of “Everybody”, I was like “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS! GWARN TAEMIN! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS!”

This was the first time Minho민호 was on camera with his silver hair, and we got to see it in the flesh!

MONSTA X몬스타엑스! They were full of energy and were just about to come back with “Fighter.”

I don’t like girly, girl groups, so I didn’t pay them any attention I’m afraid.

I truly believe the first day of soundcheck was that day! This is because we were outside enjoying the social event before the concert, and Key was uploading pictures on Instagram of it.

Last minute organisation!

For a fuller explanation, watch episode 6!

Here are some photos for your enjoyment:







Wonho looking all fiiioooone!

“I am what I am man!”

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