Hi everyone!

I’m back again! Did you enjoy episode 7? Watching everything makes me wish I could re-live it!

Let’s start, shall we?

I absolutely loved the LINE and Kakao Talk store! Everything is so cute, and I wanted to spend forever in both! I wanted to take a picture with the giant bear in the LINE store so badly! But there was a queue, continuously!

YG Republique, I was very excited about visiting here! But the one disappointment was the lack of merchandise. They had a lot of Big Bang and iKON, and only one Winner t-shirt! And the stuff they did have? Mmmm not much variety!

Hello Kitty Cafe is very, very cute! But in all honesty, you’re just paying for the aesthetics and the brand name. The stuff I tasted,  wasn’t very nice. 🙁


I wish I had a picture of “Hulk Namja!” Words are not enough! He was touching the ceiling mate! I have NEVER seen anyone as big as him! LOL I cry with laughter, every time I think of him!

At one point I tried to grab Shanice, and he shot me the scariest look. As if to say, DON’T. YOU. DARE.

The club was a sweat box, and we were packed like sardines; so there was no room to even escape:


It was all kodak moment, but never mind!


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