“She Will Come Back” – FNC Ent. Finally Let Fans Know Of ChoA’s Whereabouts.

After fans were worried about ChoA’s disappearance for the last couple of months, AOA’s agency finally responds to fans.

Many fans were worried when AOA performed as a five member group at the 25th Yeoncheon Festival in Gyeonggi Province. Everyone knew of Seolhyun’s absence but no word was uttered about ChoA, which lead fans to worry.

On 6th May FNC left a statement saying:

“After the AOA concert in March, Choa requested a break for personal reasons and she is on break now in accordance to that. She will come back when she feels that it’s the right time.” They clarified, “There are no issues between her and the rest of the group. She is simply taking a break.”

Well, let’s hope ChoA can rest up and comes back when she is ready.

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