SHINee Tell Me What To Do MV Review

Question: Did Taemin kill Minho? SHINee is definitely back and it seems no matter what the genre SHINee pulls it off so well.

The song itself is a ballad type song with EDM undertones (is this the best way to describe it?)It has a bounce to it. They all blend well vocally and visually. The song screams SHINee yet it is so different to what they have done before and I love the fact they switch it up. The song flows well but I have to say Minho is rapping…it’s been a while, I’m not sure how I felt about it but he has definitely improved. Maybe it was the flow but I am not hating….do your thang dibidibidis!


The music video itself was so visually pleasing not because SHINee are beautiful but also the colours, hues, lighting and outfits were on point. Even the leading girl was beautiful it was a work of art. It is like they are trying to kill their fan with this work of art. The story seems to be about betrayal and obviously Minho didn’t read the manual where it clearly states “bros before hoes” poor Taemin.

screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-00-49-59 tae-caught-min-3 tae-caught-min1

I’m laughing at the fact it’s normal to pull out a gun on your friends whilst laughing. Interesting taemin (look around the 1:48 mark)


We don’t need to tell them what to do cause they surely know how to slay on there own!

Watch the MV here!!

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