Should Idols be given first lead roles?

Remember the weeks and months before ‘Reply 1988’ was aired? No, you probably don’t, but I certaintly do. Why? Because it was the time where Girls day ‘Hyeri’ was being torn down for her new lead role in tvN’s third instalment of the ‘Reply Series’.

Some of the comments were harsh critics venting and some were just mean. Here are some  of the views critics had of the newly casted Hyeri. These are comments made before the drama was aired.

”At least Eunji and Go ara had acting talents to back it up, this will be the first ‘Reply Series’ to fail because of Hyeri”

” What Dog poop is this?”

”What was the PD thinking?

Hyeri is from the popular girl group ‘Girls day’ which means she’s an Idol. An Idol stepping into the world of acting is a risky step, not only because it’s a new venture but it could also be their downfall.  Everyone is searching for that breakthrough.

Some of us think that Idols should quite frankly stay in their lane, or at least take on a minor role or supporting role if they are really good.

But how do we know they are going to be good? Ahh, they have to be given a role first, right? Then we can decipher who is good and who isn’t. But what if they are given a first lead role. First lead. I repeat. First lead. Whoa you’re thinking! That too fast. Hold it right there, this is what happens when an Idol is given a first lead role.

” Her acting was great, the character of Deok Sun is so cute!”

”Who would have ever have thought I’d cry along with Hyeri’s acting?”

”Her performance as a middle child resonates with many of us, and reminds us that she truly brought some of our lives onto our screens”

These are the comments made by viewers of ‘Reply 1988’. Hyeri blew us all away! I’m not going to lie and say I was super familiar with Hyeri but I was familiar with Yura (she is always being mentioned) and Minah I knew because of her very unique and powerful voice. Hyeri proved that just because she is an idol member doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to act. From her facial expressions to her overall enthusiasm for each scene. She did great, and nobody is saying otherwise.

So what’s the big fuss with Chanyeol, Kai and other idols been given roles?



SM are handing out roles to their entertainers and giving them opportunities other actors and actresses can only dream of. And dream they do! Whilst they play minor roles, roles they are not even mentioned in articles, roles nobody remembers unless your a fan who has followed them from day dot. Chanyeol in my honest opinion is doing a great job so far with character ‘Yeol’ in MBC’s new drama ‘Missing 9’. He’s pulling it off in a really professional way. And isn’t that what we all kinda just want? A good actor, no matter who they are? But it’s about who you know and who knows you in the entertainment business.

I’ve seen phenomenal acting from actors and actress who have play minor roles, but because they don’t have powerful backing in the industry, they fade of into the distance.



EXO’s D.O, ZE:A’s Siwan, Park Hyung Shik, and Kim Dong Jun, Apink’s Eunji have all shown us that being an Idol doesn’t stop you from pulling off a great performance.

Some singers and dancers realise later in life they wanted to be an actor, and others realise early on in their rookie days. Look at Lee Joon he left MBLAQ and hasn’t looked back. He has been offered role, after role and to be honest he is an good  actor if I must say so myself. B1A4’s Baro and Jinyoung have also proven themselves, as well as BTOB’s sungjae. IU also gave a great performance in her wonderful drama ‘Moon lovers Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. At the end of the day if the Idol fits the character it should go smoothly but if they really cannot act, let the viewers complain and casting take note.

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