“Sungmin Out” Super Junior Fan Site Wants Sungmin Removed From Group

After approximately 2 years, Super Junior would be making a comeback this October as 8 members but it seems many netizens aren’t happy that Sungmin will be a part of the comeback and now some fans want him out of the group.

Donghae, Eunhyuk and Siwon will be returning from their mandatory service to join members Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Shindong and Sungmin for their comeback later on this year. However, netizens aren’t happy especially with member Sungmin.

( Kangin is currently on hiatus after his 2nd DUI case back in May of 2016 and Ryeowook and Kyuhyun enlisted last year and this year.)


“I’m sorry but I really can’t stand you… Can you please just go be a celebrity overseas? Is it because if you’re not Super Junior, you can’t make any money? Then why did you…”

“You know, I wanted to congratulate you sincerely on your marriage, I liked you once upon a time, but now I just feel like I’ve stepped in poo”

“Please leave… after 2014 I haven’t been able to listen to group songs at all and only listen to solo songs, so even if they comeback, I don’t think I’ll be able to endure listening to the new songs… please just go… do you need money that much…”,

“I’m honestly curious… does he still even have fans?” – Knets Comments

13th December 2014, Sungmin got married to actress Kim Sa Eun and many fans felt that Sungmin mistreated his fans during the process because it was unexpected which caused conflicts with his schedule with Super Junior. K-nets believe that SM and his group members were against the date and he did it anyway which made him miss out rehearsals for “Super Show” in Japan. To his defence, the date was special to him due to the fact this is the same date he met his wife.

In addition to that fans feel Sungmin’s signature he hides his wife’s name “Mimi” which angered fans the fact he wasn’t hiding his dating.

(Sungmin & Kim Sa Eun marriage)

Now fans want to kick Sungmin out of Super Junior. Fan sit “Super Junior Gallery” released a statement titled “Sungmin Out”


We as a Super Junior fan community have decided that Sungmin’s independent actions and behaviour towards the fans over the years will ultimately hurt the group and its image. As such, we believe it would be unfair and unjustified for him to stay active as a Super Junior member. We can no longer support nor encourage the behaviours of this member and will boycott his activities and events. We as fans respect the group’s decision, this is simply our request and not by any means forcing anything. Super Junior gallery will continue to support the group in exception of Sungmin and Kangin.”

Do you think it is an overreaction? Here are some Netizen comments:

“It’s probably better for him to voluntarily leave at this point”

“This pathetic being who lives off of the support of his fans put ‘Korean fan’ as a blocked word on his blog. He then only put up proof shots of gifts from foreign fans and nothing from his Korean fans ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ what’s wrong with him”

“Fans have every right to be pissed… he should’ve been more careful with his actions from the start”

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