Sunmi’s Heroine Sounds A Lot Like Cheryl Cole’s Fight For This Love

Queen Sunmi released new song Heroine this week and whilst fans and the public seemed to be enjoying the song entering the Melon’s Top 100, it seems to sound very similar to Cheryl Cole’s fight for the love.

It is mainly the chorus but what do you think:

Some international fans don’t think it is “stolen” but it is sampling the song:

Others don’t agree:

K-nets express their views and they are coming for Teddy and Sunmi.

“It’s not just the melody but the music video too. The military outfit with the red hat and the dance, it’s not just similar, it’s the same. Even with the dance, the only difference is the number ofbacking dancers, the rest is the same overall. She seems to have copied the entire concept.”


“There have been other songs of hers under suspicion of plagiarism but this one is pretty much similar from the melody, arrangement, to style. The backing dancer in the chorus, the hat, the military style outfits… It’s rare for the melody and even the music video concept to be this similar, this is really too much ㅋㅋ”

“But with this case, it’s not just the song. I understand that melodies can sometimes overlap but this has way too many similarities to just claim that Teddy never knew of the original song.”

Sunmi’s agency MakeUs and The Black Label said they are looking into the plagiarism claims but what do you think?

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