Teen Top Shed A Tear Talking About L.Joe’s Departure 

On 9th April, Teen Top share their thoughts on L.Joe department at a fan meet “High Five Angel”. Each member wrote a letter expressing their thoughts and feelings over this situation.

“I want to apologise. I can’t reveal everything, but a lot has happened. We kept trying to talk to him, but he had already made up his mind. From then on, I thought a lot about the team, regarding whether it would be right for us to keep going as five members, or if we should go our separate ways like the member who left. Every time I thought about that, I longed for the stage, and I think the other members had similar feelings. We pulled ourselves together and prepared really hard for a comeback.” – Niel

 “While deciding whether I should extend my contract with the agency, I realised that I really like my team. They’re recognising me little by little at the company too,” and added, “I was very shocked when [L.Joe] suddenly left while everyone else was working hard. I knew he was contemplating [leaving], but I thought he would stay with us if this album turned out well. He had even recorded the title song with us. To be honest, it was really hard on me when I heard about the news through the press. It would have been better if he had talked to the members before making up his mind” – C.A.P

An audience member burst into tears which set everyone off. Teen Top is set to come back on 10th April with the music video love is.

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