The Analysis of BTS- How Seven Young Men Rocked the K-Pop Boat

In 2013, a new group debuted through BigHit Entertainment, an agency which had not made that big of a name for itself yet.

This group would be called “Bangtan Sonyeondan”, translated to “Bulletproof Boyscouts”, or “BTS” for short. Their first music video, “No More Dream”, became popular on social media due to how “in-sync” the choreography was, as well as the new “hardcore hip-hop” concept that had been introduced by the group.

People became intrigued by this group. In July of that year, only a month after the debut, BTS came up with the fanbase name, “A.R.M.Y”, or “Adorable Representative M.C for Youth”. While the name sounds like it was picked out of a hat, it stuck.

Soon, BTS was everywhere. How? This topic is heavily debated. Some say that it is because of the sheer talent displayed by the group, while others speculate that it has something to do with how adamantly the “ARMY” promoted the group. A few even claim that the popularity of BTS is due to the members’ good looks. In truth, I believe that the rise of this group has to do with a little bit of all of the above.

Yes, the members are incredibly handsome and the talent that they have is undeniable, but during the time that BTS ascended to the top, there began to be a huge influx of YouTube comments or tweets that had something to do with BTS. Even when I, a few years back, did not have much to do with the K-Pop community, I knew about BTS.

And as everyone knows, with advertisements, come curious people looking for information about what that group is that is blowing up their Tumblr dash. And this, in my honest opinion, was a huge factor in the rise of BTS.

Fast forward to the Wings Tour, where stadiums were literally filled with people coming to see BTS. Mainstream News articles in places other than Korea had begun asking “who are these boys?” Then, BTS became the first K-Pop group in history to win “Social Media Artist of the Year” award at the Billboard Music Awards, marking a huge success for the fanbase. In fact, BTS had broken the record for the most votes to ever be cast for a nominee on an awards show. A popular radio station in California even began playing BTS’ songs casually. Big American radio stations have not played k-pop songs since Gangnam Style.

BTS had successfully blown up the internet.

A few days ago, BTS broke records with their comeback music video, “DNA”, making it the K-Pop music video with the most views in under 24 hours. It really makes you wonder: What records will BTS break next? And, will this incredible fame ever descend, possibly as quickly as it ascended? No one wants to think of that, but considering how popular trends have died in the past, like the “Hamilton” craze or the “One Direction” epidemic, it is very possible. We can only hope that this group keeps their streak up for a very long time.



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