The Struggles Of An International Fan!

In response to our latest YouTube upload, I am going to least the top ten struggles of an international Kpop fan.

(This is in no particular order)

  1. The Language

Korean is a beautiful language but that doesn’t mean it is easy to understand and when you see it/ hear it for the first time it can very hard to comprehend. whether it is the speed it is spoken or the context. Trying to watch a show with your favourite idol may leave you shouting at your screen “WHERE ARE THE ENGLISH SUBS” or on Twitter where Bing has a special way of translating tweets.



2. Time Zone
Depending on where you are in the world depends on how hard this one affects you. When your bias is awake, you’re asleep. Award shows and live streams happening early hours in the morning. So forget work, forget school, forget life

3. A small chance of seeing you bias
Many fans dream of seeing their bias live but there is a 10% chance you get to see them. Whether that is flying out to Korea to see them (if you’re lucky) or they do come to your town, many of us have to live with the fact we will only see them on our laptop screen.

4. Having no money (#ThatBrokeLife)
Whether that is down to being a student, or just life in general. K-pop is expensive, whether that is splashing out on merchandise, concerts or flights, there never seems to be enough money to spread around.

6. Your friends and family just don’t understand.
“You don’t understand what they are saying”
you will hear these phrases a lot or they may even call you weird but at the end of the day who cares K-pop is great. These days K-pop has grown so it isn’t as taboo as it once was so don’t feel you have to hide it and if you do it is like a superpower.

7. Fan wars!
Prepare your armour because fan wars happen a lot. Whether it is over which group had the best comeback or who wore something best, someone will find something to argue about. You can even have fights within your own fandom. I personally do not have time for that but you may be caught in the cross fire.


What other struggles do you go through?

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